Blogging Mental Health: How Bloggers Must Keep Their Mental Health Strong, 2 Helpful Ways

Janice Wald
5 min readAug 14, 2022

How is your blogging mental health?

Ryan Biddulph from Blogging in Paradise ( often writes about blogging mental health, but I never have.

So why now? Why the sudden change in blog post content?

What does content marketing mean to you? Is blogging only filled with happy times and joyful thoughts?

By reading this post, you will discover why blogging mental health might suffer, how bloggers play tricks so they don’t have to face the reality of declining metrics, and finally what you can do if your blogging mental health suffers.

Why Blogging Mental Health Suffers

Recently, my blogging mental health was challenged.

For months, I feared my blog metrics were falling.

When I went into analytics sites, I was afraid to see my metrics. I didn’t want a decrease in stats to bring down my morale, and it would.

I taught myself tricks in order to be able to go to websites, scroll down and avoid looking at the most important metrics, metrics that showed the quality of my blog, metrics sure to depress me.

More about tricks insecure bloggers play later.

This even held true for avoidance when it came to social media metrics like Instagram insights

Instagram has many advantages like these: but when metrics fall, so does my mood.

Why would metrics suddenly fall? Are you aware there was a major Google Core update in May of this year, 2022?

Many bloggers including myself saw their Google rankings fall and traffic decline.

I am not alone when it comes to challenges in online mental health.

If your blogging mental health suffers, you are in good company.

It has been in the news for some time that depression over low social media metrics can cause eating disorders.

Janice Wald

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