Exploring the Different Types of Free Social Media Video Downloaders

Janice Wald
3 min readJul 7
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In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become a hub for sharing engaging and captivating videos. Whether it’s a hilarious clip, a breathtaking travel video, or a mesmerizing dance performance, social media videos often leave us wanting to save them for future viewing.

Thankfully, numerous free social media video downloaders have emerged, allowing users to download and enjoy these videos offline. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of free social media video downloaders and their unique features.

Online Video Downloaders

Online video downloaders are web-based tools that enable users to download videos from various social media platforms without the need for any software installation. These platforms usually support popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. You can also download LinkedIn videos.

Users only need to copy the video URL, paste it into the downloader’s input box, select the desired video quality, and hit the download button. Online video downloaders are convenient and accessible since they can be used across different devices and operating systems.

You can download Reels as well as longer videos. Here you can find instructions for a FB Reel download.

If you prefer to download a longer video, you will find instructions to download Facebook videos into MP4 format here: Facebook to MP4 Converter.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are add-ons that can be installed on web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. These extensions integrate directly into the browser interface and provide users with a download button whenever they visit a supported social media platform.

With just a single click, users can initiate the download process and save the video to their device. Browser extensions often offer additional features like batch downloads, video format conversion, and the ability to download entire playlists or channels.

Mobile Applications

For users who primarily access social media platforms through their smartphones or tablets, mobile applications are…

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