How This Blogger is Recovering from Spousal Loss

Janice Wald
2 min readMay 5
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I have been absent from Medium for a long time.

My beloved husband, business partner, and companion of almost 20 years passed away last summer.

Needless to say, overcome by loss, I stepped away from my blogging duties. For instance, I stopped publishing as many blog posts.

Also, I stopped writing away from my blog, and I stopped promoting my articles on social media. YouTube videos? Forget it.

One of those duties included removing myself from writing on Medium, Quora, and Self Growth where I used to also publish my blog post articles.

I got myself emotional support via an individual therapist and a support group in August.

Slowly I returned to an abridged version of my blogging tasks.

As part of our bereavement group expectations, we met our group members offline in September.

The next thing I knew, I was asked out by and started dating one of the members.

As it turns out, we have many mutual interests including technology. For instance, we often discussed social media tools like TikTok tools.

I branched out on new blog topics as a result of our conversations about business and technology at my site

Inspired, my article about the ChatGPT login was born since we often discuss technology involving Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, we watch business shows. We also discuss entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. Having blogged about the intelligence of Elon Musk, the additional information helps me update my articles since Google boosts your rankings of updated articles.

In addition, my new boyfriend helps me with my YouTube videos. He helps me reap the advantages of YouTube by filming and directing my videos.

We also share an interest in less mainstream social media platforms. For instance, we talk about Reddit and Quora.

He is teaching me more advantages of Instagram as well while I am teaching him about the advantages of Tik Tok.

He also supports me online by commenting on my blog post articles and YouTube videos.

Also, my network of friends is growing thanks to the wonderful friends he has. In fact, I am able to continue my new friendships on Facebook with them in Facebook-groups.

Naturally, he and I follow each other on Instagram.

Thanks to his influence, I am becoming more well-rounded. For instance, he is teaching me new iPhone tricks

This week we are starting our 8th month together. I am truly thankful for his support in my life.

In closing, although my future seemed dismal last summer, I look forward to a new zipcode and a happy future.

Janice Wald

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