How to Get More Views on YouTube, 4Ways

Janice Wald
3 min readOct 1, 2022

There are strategies that help you get views on YouTube that work despite your level of experience.

Although there is a great deal of competition on YouTube for viewership, there are definite strategies you can follow to boost your video’s views.

Why should you go to this trouble?

There are many pros and cons of YouTube. As indicated, there is great competition to get views on your videos.

However, there is also great potential for viewership. In addition to being a social media site, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google, so many people are there looking for “How to” videos.

Let’s compare and contrast social media platforms and blogging platforms. Have you ever thought about which is more effective at making sales?

Here is the deal:

If you are a video marketer who wants to make sales, generating enough trust in your brand to get people to part with their money is easier with a video than a blog post.

While watching your video, consumers get to hear your depth of knowledge in your niche. You make raving fans eager to share your videos as well as customers.

As you see, generating views on your YouTube videos is worth your time.

Are you convinced but need ideas for YouTube videos? Here is a YouTube video idea generator.

Let’s get started learning how to generate traction on YouTube.

How to Generate YouTube Views

Strategy 1

First, promote your videos everywhere. For instance, some groups like Reddit and Instagram have YouTubers seeking a reciprocal arrangement. In other words, “I’ll watch your video if you watch mine.” Quora even has groups (Spaces) like this.

Here you will find YouTube traffic sources that work.

When should you promote your newly published YouTube video?

Even without a promise of reciprocation, Neil Patel says the first 24 hours after a YouTube video gets published is crucial to the success of the video.

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