How to Turn Off a Business Account on Instagram in 5 Easy Steps

Janice Wald
5 min readJun 4, 2022

Do you use Instagram?

With over one billion followers, Instagram certainly is not an obscure social media site.

You should know that there are many advantages and disadvantages of Instagram.

Let’s start with some of the advantages.

Instagram is a playground for creatives and people who thrive on visual appeal.

Are you one of them? Photographers, DIY (crafts), and recipe bloggers are three of the groups that Instagram caters to people who love creating and sharing visuals.

In recent years, Instagram has branched out to becoming a video-sharing platform as well.

Have you heard of Reels? That is Instagram’s latest foray into the world of video sharing. If you haven’t heard of Reels, Instagram’s short video sharing feature, you will find information about Reels and Reels tutorials here:

Let’s return to the point of how to turn off Instagram as a business account and revert Instagram to only using it as your personal account.

Maybe you just want to have fun and use Instagram as a hobby.

If you regret turning on your business account and need to know how to turn off your business account on Instagram, stick around.

Why do you need to know how to turn off your business account on Instagram?

When I started using Instagram, I was determined to use the social media platform as a way to grow my blogging business.

I heard Instagram was great for branding. Therefore, I started making custom Instagram stickers. I spent hours learning to master the Any Sticker app that allowed me to customize the message and hashtags. They are like bumper stickers you put on your Instagram stories.

Next, I tried to grow my follower count believing brands would offer me deals. Actually, some did. I got a few electronic tools for free and a free cashmere…

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