How Were You in Quarter 2 of 2022?

Janice Wald
4 min readJul 15, 2022

Quarter 2 of 2022 just ended.

This article reviews my top 10 posts in terms of traffic generation by the end of Quarter 2.

Coincidentally, or not coincidentally, most of them are related to social media.

Best Traffic Generators of Quarter 2 of 2022

  1. How to Get Out of Facebook Jail
    After a rocky early July, How to Get Out of Facebook Jail continues to be at the top of the leaderboard. Both the blog post and YouTube video continue to generate interest. To date, the post has 238 comments which I believe is a record for any of my posts. You will find the article here Frankly, I sometimes feel the comments section is even more helpful than the article. At the time of this writing, the post brings in 24% of my traffic!
  2. Best I Can Do Meme
    I actually wrote the article in error. I wanted to write a post about free meme generators. I found the “Best I Can Do Meme” that I believed I could rank for. I had no idea the expression “Best I Can Do” came from a TV show named “Pawn Stars.” I subsequently added content to that effect after publication. Who would have thought that a fluke would be my 2nd best traffic generator going into the 2nd half of 2022? The post actually brings in 9% of my traffic.

3. MeWe Reviews
I actually didn’t write the initial article. It started as a guest post from a MeWe user. The post performed so well, that I started using the MeWe social media site. Bigger blogs wrote about it so I kept adding to the post. At least half the post was written by me. The post brings in 6% of my traffic.

4. Free Social Networking Sites
I wrote a similar article around the same time which underperformed. However, this post about how to chat on social media still is one of my heavy hitters. The article covers social media sites like Clubhouse where you can talk out loud and social media sites where you can network in the traditional ways. The post brings in 4% of my traffic.

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