SEO is SO Confusing

Janice Wald
3 min readJun 17, 2022

Are you a member of Ahrefs?

I check Ahrefs at least once daily to see my keyword rankings.

After about two years at the site, I have one observation to make:

Boy am I confused.

Example 1:

My post that shares free meme generators fell from 3rd to 4th place for the keyword “Best I can do is meme.”

However, what really confuses me is that the percentage of traffic the post is contributing to my site went UP from 8% to contributing 9% of my blog’s traffic.

Example 2:

My post offering MeWe reviews, reviews of the MeWe social media site is in first place for a Featured Snippet.

However, the post is years old and in Position 1 beats out the likes of Mashable and other top blogging dogs.

Example 3:

My post about the “hottest subreddits,” Reddit communities, just made the top 3 in Google’s SERPs. However, the post is years old and I never update it with fresh information which Google likes if you want Google rankings.

Why not? Frankly, I’m embarrassed by the sexual implication of the keyword I went after.

Example 4:

My post about a free creepy text generator is my 5th best performing post despite the fact that the main keyword sits in Position 13, almost in the middle of Google’s Page 2.

Example 5:

I wrote an article about free social networking sites. It is my 6th best performing post despite being written over 3 years ago.

What I find really confusing is the fact that I published almost an identical post at the same time and the other tanked. It underperformed.

Example 6:

My PosterMyWall article is my 7th best performing post. It was written years ago.

Do you want to know the main keyword it ranks for? “My wall poster.” Apparently, 1400 people type that into Google each month.

My wall poster?

Example 7:

I have the same confusion with my productivity post. Apparently, 600 people each month type into Google “productivity is the combination

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